Ends on April 15, 2018

Trail's End

A Collection of Western Short Stories

Zimbell House Publishing is holding open submissions for short stories about the of the line. The setting for these tales need to begin at the end of the trail in the old west. Our readers want to know:

  • The purpose of the journey - is it to begin a new life, gold rush fever, to escape something in the East, or is your main character a desperado?
  • We want the tale to begin at the end, then flash back to how they got there. Do not flip back and forth. For example, if your character set out to rob every stage coach from the Mississippi to the Pacific, the beginning of the tale could show his last thoughts before he hangs, which is the flash back of how he got there. Or perhaps the journey was to strike it rich, and the tale could start from an old man/woman sitting in a rocking chair, near the end of their life and telling the tale to their grandchild/ren about how it all happened.
  • Characters must have depth and dialog appropriate for the era, while keeping accents sparse.
  • Keep the POV from the main character, it's their story after all. This does not mean you have to use first person.
  • Remember, these tales are about the end of the trail, the main character has either accomplished their goal, or met their demise.

Submissions of both short stories and novellas to this anthology are welcome, please keep in mind the minimum word count is 3,000 and the maximum word count is 15,000.

This anthology is a great opportunity to showcase emerging writers and allow them to build their professional platforms.

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2018 with a targeted release date of late June 2018.

Submit your best work.  We will be doing light editing as necessary to fit the standards we strive to maintain.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Any work under 3,000 words will be automatically disqualified for this anthology.
  • The work must not have appeared in print or online anywhere before.
  • All submissions must be in English.
  • Each author may submit up to three (3) unique works—please submit them separately.
  • Work must be in Microsoft Word or RTF, double spaced, 12 point font-no headers/footers.

All contributing authors will receive a free copy of the book in softcover. Authors that are chosen for the anthology will not be paid nor receive royalties for their submission. This is an opportunity to build your platform.

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2018.

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